Courageous Ellie Othick-Bowmaker of Scarborough was 11 when she underwent surgery early in 2007 to remove a brain tumour and then endured both radiotherapy and 26 months of chemotherapy. Although it looked like the chemo had done its job, Ellie had to face the news that she had another tumour and that this time there was limited treatment for it.

Despite her own awful predicament, Ellie was anxious to raise desperately-needed funds for childhood brain tumour research to discover better treatments for brain tumours and ultimately find a cure. Few people are aware that brain tumours kill more children and people under the age of 40 than any other cancer, yet brain tumour research is woefully under-funded.

Since her initial diagnosis, Ellie has benefited hugely from homeopathy and reflexology. Her mother, Heather, says “when Ellie is tired reflexology really energises her - it makes a huge difference.”

Glenn Coggin, Ellie’s uncle often takes her by car to her reflexology sessions and it was on one of these journeys that Ellie asked Glenn, who is a singer/songwriter, if he would write a song for her, which could be used to raise funds for the charity Ali’s Dream www.alisdream.org.uk which raises funds for childhood brain tumour research. In fact, they wrote “Butterfly’s Wings” together and it is based around how Ellie is feeling, with lots of her favourite memories and dreams in there too. It also gave Glenn the chance to tell Ellie how much her family and friends all love her.

The song, which both Ellie and Glenn agreed had to be positive and not sad, is called “Butterfly’s Wings” partly due to the “butterfly effect” which Glenn took to represent things which are out of Ellie’s control and partly because the butterfly is a beautiful and gentle image.

The lyrics of the song all have a special significance. For instance, the line ‘With the little ones I play’ is a reference to Ellie’s little sister Phoebe and her cousin Piper, as well as the nursery Ellie dreams of owning and working in; and ‘I give more, give my heart so freely’, apart from the obvious, refers to Ellie giving to charity (she has already raised £10,000).

Glenn explained “we have put Butterfly’s Wings onto a CD with one track of Ellie singing and another of me singing, as well as a third track called “Drifting Along”, which I also wrote, where Ellie sings along with me on the choruses. Ellie really enjoyed the whole experience of going into the studio to record the song and using a proper microphone and headphones. It was lovely to share the experience with her.

Ellie’s Mum, Heather, says “I am so proud of Ellie. She is a real battler and has always had a great sense of humour. Until recently, she and I have done ‘our thing’ together every couple of months or so – saved up and gone down to London to see a West End show (Ellie’s favourites have been Dirty Dancing and Chicago). I really hope lots of people will be inspired to buy the CD “Butterfly’s Wings” and fulfil Ellie’s dream – to raise at least £4,000 for Ali’s Dream.We really want to bring hope to other children who are diagnosed with a brain tumour.”

Julie Phelan of Ali’s Dream and mother of Alison who died in 2001, just before her eighth birthday said ‘We were really thrilled that Ellie wanted to raise money for Ali’s Dream and think the song, Butterfly’s Wings, is a beautiful tribute to Ellie and her family.’

Copies of the CD can be ordered by telephoning: Heather on 01723 351456, Diane on 01723 376790 or Sandy on 01723 362556

You can also send a cheque for £6.00 (including postage and packing) made out to H Othick & C Dodd-Storey (one of the bank managers at Lloyds TSB in Scarborough) to the following address:-

Heather Othick, 15 Pinfold Close, Newby, Scarborough, N Yorks YO12 6UZ

For further information please contact

Glenn Coggin on 07944 971653
Email: glenncoggin@hotmail.com

Heather Othick on 01723 351456 or 07887 744165
Email: theothicks@tiscali.co.uk

Sue Farrington Smith at Ali’s Dream on 01296730230 or 07850 832301
Email: sue@alisdream.org.uk